Why HCB?

Why should you Choose HCB as your Commercial contractor?

Our 36 year history of successful projects and satisfied clients… We achieve our success by: going above and beyond to meet your expectations, focusing on quality workmanship, plain and simple processes, personalized service, fair prices, on time and on budget.

Long standing working relationships with Interior Designers

Projects may require an interior designer to translate your office style needs into a well-designed and executed building/office exterior or interior.
We will work with your designer or can refer several experiences designers according to your project needs. We work together to achieve cost effective design goals, by value engineering your project and assuring it is done right the first time.

HCB has many diverse sources for all aspects of your project

We strive to make your office or building unique, functional, satisfying and comfortable, by exploring many unique, new and state of the art products that you might see in design magazines?
We understand that your office and business are an expression of your personality, company culture and desired customer image. Therefore, we do not limit your choices to just 1 or 2 showrooms. HCB has access to all major local design resources that we will make available to you.

We work with Multiple Engineers

With today’s building and renovation regulations, navigating through the beginning stages with a competent engineer is a must. We work with engineers throughout the planning process to avoid costly delays and and redesigns.
By being proactive in the early planning stages structural issues are addressed early and document requirements are met on time.

Choose to use your Architect or ours

We will always opt for the right person for the job, big or small. You have some particular needs such as a green or sustainable building? Although we can refer many certified architects we work with, we can work with someone you choose as well.

We work directly with Insurance Companies

Having to deal with insurance adjusters can be incredibly stressful.
HCB has years of experience working with insurance companies. We regularly develop estimates, submit bids or cost-breakdowns, and make payment arrangements. We take this time consuming issue off your hands.

We can help arrange Financing

HCB can help, we will work with your Lender or introduce you to ours. (HCB is NOT a mortgage broker; this is consultation only at no fee)