Our Process

Our skills and services include:

PROJECT DESIGN Including gathering an in-depth understanding of your needs and goals. Create a preliminary design and schematics, with spatial relationships, etc. on how the project might look. Once the concept is agreed upon, we create the construction drawings and specifications that show the design, dimensions, sizes, structures, locations, shapes and some material selections.

CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT We will oversee the entire process and take accountability for managing the project and budget from inception, to design, to execution. We will coordinate processes and timetables to complete your project and resolve issues as they arise. We will monitor quality and value by signing off on subcontractor work, obtaining multiple bids and by examining time and costs, etc..

SUSTAINABLE DESIGN (GREEN BUILDING TECHNIQUES) We are environmentally aware and responsible, by always finding ways to diminish the negative impact of our work on the world around us. We make special effort to manage our subcontractor’s and material specifications, construction techniques, and operations. We attempt to reuse and recycle all material whenever possible, to reduce waste and damage to our precious environment.

OBTAINING PERMITS We will obtain the required permits and once the floor plan and other structural features have been selected, we will submit the plans to the city for approval.

FINANCING ASSISTANCE We can guide you through the financing process, clarifying what you will need, including financing sources.

CARPENTRY & PAINTING Our interior finish carpenters can create any trim, cabinetry, ornamental woodwork, and other work requiring precise craftsmanship for a unique custom space.

CARPETING & FLOORING Our services include custom installation of a wide range products, repairing and replacing flooring and refinishing existing hardwood floors.

ENGINEERING We have established relationships with civil and structural engineering firms over the years who work with us to obtain optimal results with minimal costs.

ELECTRICAL Our experienced technicians can handle all your electrical needs and upgrades to your security system.

HVAC We will keep your office’s air temperature balanced by evaluating your heating, ventilation and air conditioning; making any necessary adjustments or additions.

PAINTING We provide expert interior and exterior painting as well as any drywall or structural repairs.

CAFETERIA, KITCHEN & RESTROOMS We will create the optimal kitchen, restroom or bathroom design meeting your style and budget.

WINDOWS AND DOORS We use numerous resources to recommend the best options for your project. We will do all the measuring, clean up and haul away old doors and windows.

CONCRETE & MASONRY Our services include concrete and masonry services as well as the removal and replacement of existing concrete materials.

TILE INSTALLATION Our tile craftsmen have years of experience installing virtually every type of tile on floors, countertops, walls and more.

EXCAVATION/GRADING If your project involves new construction or changes the existing footprint of your building, your lot will need to be regraded. We pride ourselves on preserving the existing landscape when possible.

OUTDOOR FACILITIES We can design your outdoor facilities and recommend materials and finishes to blend with your landscape.

ADDITIONS Our craftsmen have ample experience with office additions. They understand the extra care needed to blend new construction additions with the existing style, designs and finishes to bring it all together.

LANDSCAPING We provide lot clearing, grading, driveway cuts, drainage systems, fencing, concrete and paving stone installation.

HISTORIC RESTORATION If your building has historical implications, we will preserve the integrity of the spaces by recommending materials, architectural details and finishes that are common to historical buildings.